Managed Print Services

Cut the cost of your printing and improve workflow

Using the latest print management software, Papercut and Print Audit, we have helped Businesses in Sussex reduce their print costs and their environmental impact

Call us today to book your free audit assessment where our print expert will help you rationalise the number of printers in your business, improve workflow, secure your information, and save costs on your printing.

Premier will install the best software for your business and show you how to use it while giving you remote support to keep your business running smoothly.

Save costs

  • Reduce the number of printers you use and improve print efficiency
  • Automatically track print usage, collect meter readings and costing information
  • Reduce downtime with powerful service & status alerts

Protect your information

  • Secure printing for confidential documents
  • Scanning and archiving of legal documents
  • Staff key card authorisation to monitor print usage and protect your documents

Avoid wastage

  • Save money by improving toner & ink efficiency
  • Introduce rules based printing eg. double sided to save money
  • Reduce toner stocks through improved automated inventory systems

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